A babble can be defined as an utter of sounds or words in a quick, excited, confused, or silly way. A babbled word or sound is usually without any meaning or sense. One example where you can see babbles are in babies.



Hobo is a North American word used to refer to a migrant worker. A hobo is known to always be on the move, traveling from one town to another. They usually have a short duration of stay anywhere they are found.



Ventilation is the movement of fresh air around an enclosed space such as a room or a building. It is used to replace a stale air. For instance, a room can be ventilated when you open its windows to let in fresh air.



A regimen is a systematic plan that is designed towards preservation, improvement, and maintenance of health. This plan most times come in form of medication, diet, any type of therapy, exercise, and lifestyle.



A sinus is an air-filled cavity in a dense portion of the skull bone that is usually linked with the nostrils. When you do not take care of yourself very well, you can develop an infection of the sinus called rhino-sinusitis.



Confusion is a situation in which there is a change in an individual’s mental status resulting in uncertainty, lack of clarity, and lack of understanding of what is happening or what is to be done in a certain circumstance.