Hobo is a North American word used to refer to a migrant worker. A hobo is known to always be on the move, traveling from one town to another. They usually have a short duration of stay anywhere they are found.



A due is something that is owed as a debt that has to be paid. In social clubs or organizations, members regularly pay dues of a certain amount at a certain period of the year. Dues may be high or low depending on the vision, projects, and activities of the organization involved.



The word ‘User’ has been defined in diverse ways. A user is anyone who uses a product, service, a software, and so on. For example, someone who uses illegal drugs is called a user.



A nun is a woman belonging to a particular religious order who are under a vow to be poor, chaste, and obedient. She resides in a place known as the convent and has to be a member of the Roman Catholic church, Anglican Church, or a host of other groups.



A taxi is a vehicle that is licensed for transporting passengers from one destination to another in return for payment of a fare. It is sometimes called a taxicab, taxi, or cab.